13 Feb 2021

The unknown part of Corfu is a pole of attraction for celebrities from all over the world

A tiny bay with a great reputation abroad

One of the most beautiful islands not only in the Ionian, but in the whole of Greece, the mansion of Corfu hides small diamonds inside that surprise anyone who discovers them. As is the case with the small harbor on its northeast coast, which is a reference point for a multitude of celebrities worldwide. Its picturesque beauty, combined with the wonderful green that characterizes the island of Faiaka and the almost transparent waters of the Ionian highlight this bay as an earthly paradise for visitors to the island, and not only, offering them the opportunity to enjoy quiet days. and relaxation, away from the busiest and most famous parts of Corfu. Kouloura, then, is a picturesque bay in the shape of a horseshoe, which, as seen in the video of the Travel Inspiration team, is surrounded by pines and eucalyptus trees, stimulating the interest of its visitors with its simple charm and unadulterated beauty. Right on the sea is built one of the most famous mansions of Venetian architecture, which since 1988 has been owned by the granddaughter of the founder of FIAT Giovanni Agnelli.